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  • What I need
  • Start of Activities
  • Access to the Portal
  • Change your password
  • Remote certificate activation
  • End of activity
Guide to activate a Remote Signature Certificate

What I need

  • The link to the portal MySign, dedicated to holders of a remote signing certificate;
  • the User-ID of your remote signing certificate;
  • the mobile phone, associated during registration, to receive OTP codes, via SMS.

Start of Activities

After completing the registration process for requesting a digital signature remote certificate, you will receive 2 emails:

  • the first, sent by "", containing the file with the ACTIVATION CODES, that can be unlocked using the passphrase chosen during registration process which contains the PIN and PUK codes;
  • the second, sent by "", containing the Credentials to use the remote signing certificate.

Open emails with PIN and PUK codes

You need to proceed by opening the e-mail with the activation codes of the digital signature, then, open the file and enter the code (passphrase) chosen during registration in order to unlock the document protected by the password.

Inside the file, at the bottom right, there are the following codes:

  • emergency code;
  • PIN;
  • PUK;
  • envelope number.

You will need to copy the PUK code as it will be used to activate the signing certificate.

Opening email with signature credentials

Continue by opening the e-mail that contains the signature credentials: User-ID and password.

Access to the Portal

On the Mysign remote signature management portal you can enter the credentials contained in the newly opened email on the login screen.

If you need help, a click on the headphone icon will take you to the Customer service portal.

Password update

The first customization that is required is the change of the password.

The page provides for the insertion of a new password, that you will set according to the instructions provided: a length of at least 8 characters, uppercase and lowercase characters, one or more numbers, at least one special character and no more than two consecutive identical characters.

After entering the password a second time, for confirmation, proceed with a click on the Set password button.

Remote certificate activation

Depending on the customization that is required, the change of the PIN.

The page includes the insertion of:

  • PIN/PUK;
  • New PIN, which must have the length – fixed – of 8 characters, all numeric;
  • The OTP code received on the mobile phone to be entered on the screen to confirm the operation and complete the activation of the remote digital signature certificate.

After typing the pin a second time and typing the otp received, proceed with a click on the Confirm button and complete the activation of your remote digital signature certificate.

End of activity

The system will confirm the success of the operation by redirecting the user to the My Sign home page.

Download GoSign Desktop & Mobile

You can start to sign digitally your documents using the functions available on GoSign Desktop or download the GoSign Mobile App for free (available for iOS and Android).

If you need to change some informations relating to your signature certificate, you can always operate through the MySign portal.

Download the guide
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