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  • Overview
  • Purchasing the license
  • Access to GoSign Desktop
  • Registering your PRO license
  • End of activity
Guide to activate advanced features in GoSign PRO (Desktop)


GoSign Desktop PRO offers additional features that are not included in the FREE version. The PRO version also lets you work on several documents at the same time.

Purchasing the license

The InfoCert site dedicated to digital signatures provides all the information you need on GoSign Desktop PRO extended features.

You can choose the license package that best suits your needs, then click on Continue to go the purchase configuration page.

You can also purchase a subscription that is longer than the contractually agreed one-year subscription.

Click on Continue to purchase the license on the InfoCert Store.

To complete your purchase, sign in using your InfoCert Store credentials.

If this is your first time making a purchase, you will need to register using the form in the Store.

After signing in, select a method of payment, bearing in mind that if you choose a bank transfer, the purchase will be confirmed only once we receive payment.

The invoicing information saved in InfoCert is displayed.

If you are unsure whether your data is up to date, now is the time to check your information and correct it, to ensure you receive the correct electronic invoice for the purchase.

If the informations are correct, you can click on Complete the purchase and finalize your order.

The system will confirm the purchase and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address entered in the InfoCert Store.

The email contains the License Key that will unlock GoSign Desktop PRO's advanced features.

Access to GoSign Desktop

When you start GoSign Desktop, you will be asked to log in with your InfoCert credentials (Customer Area) or, if you do not have one, to register a new InfoCert account.

One click allows you to be redirected to the authentication page where you can register your new account (Customer Area) or log in using one of the InfoCert accounts you have.

Registering your PRO license

On the GoSign Desktop home page, go to User profile with the License section.

In this section you have to enter the code number of the PRO license that was sent by email from InfoCert and then proceed with the activation by clicking on the Confirm button.

GoSign Desktop PRO confirms the successful update by showing the currently active PRO license key.

To verify the successful installation of the license, simply close the User profile section to verify that the new features are active on the application by clicking on the X at the top right.

End of activity

If you need to uninstall the advanced features, simply click on Deactivate pro license on this computer link. A message will ask for confirmation.

Click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the home page.

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