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Which is the difference between Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature?
What is Electronic Signature?
QES/Qualified Electronic Signature (Qualified Digital ID)
Which is the difference between US and Europe Approach to Electronic Signature?
Do you have any problems with MyInfoCert App?
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Guide to requesting a QES Certificate with eDoc ID

What you need
An e-mail address;
A phone number to receive an OTP Code via SMS to complete the procedure;
A smartphone (with Android 8+, Huawei or iOS 13+) with NFC technolgy;
A valid Electronic Identity Document (Passport or ID Card - only for Italian citizens);
MyInfoCert App installed on the smartphone.

Guide to requesting a QES Certificate

InfoCert will request the PIN to you every time you sign a document.

GoSign Business Manual (MOBILE)

The structure of the screen and the information presented are as follows:
The application controls area is located at the top of the page, with the following functions (from left to right):
Accessory functions menu: the accessory functions (profile, settings,
tutorials, etc.) are collected in a single retractable panel (description of the
individual functions in the following paragraphs).
Button for multiple confirmation: gives the possibility to a signer to bring
all the actions of one or more packages / documents to the "To be
synchronized" status with a simple check on the list.
Practices list sorting button: by selecting the different sorting criteria
proposed, the list of documents will update with your request.
The system also considers the expiry date in the document sorting
criterion (where set in the files). By default, the sorting gives priority to
expiring or expired documents (expired documents have higher priority,
ordering by expiration date).
- For each case, the "expiration date" information is visible in the detail
section, with the other attributes and information on the signature
process. The same information is displayed in the list of practices in

Text for search filter: the search bar appears when the relative button is selected. By selecting the different search parameters, the list of documents will update. Filters available:
Search for the entire text within the fields of practice.
Dropdown list to filter based on the date of the practice (year and month).
Check Box to also consider completed documents in the search.

Guide to Updating the Remote Signing Certificate on MySign

Login to MySign
First you need to log in to the signature portal by clicking on the "Log in to MySign" button.

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